Active’s rehabilitation team specializes in the STOTT PILATES® method, which focuses on teaching correct alignment of the joints and reeducation of the muscles. This gentle exercise is beneficial for users of all ages and abilities.

When the body suffers a trauma, or poor posture is tolerated for a long period of time, a muscular imbalance can occur, meaning the muscles around a joint do not pull equally. If this condition is not addressed, the imbalance can become a long-term habit that can cause ongoing pain. Pilates works intelligently to rebalance the muscles around the joints and encourage lasting strength and wellness.

Pilates can be an important part of the process of recovering from an injury, when used alongside Chiropractic and Massage treatments. It can also be very useful for maintaining good posture and a healthy lifestyle through ongoing practice, which will help prevent relapse or reinjury long into the future.